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Bob Beck

Host of Extreme Outer Limits TV and Watlington Outdoors Pro-Staff Member

Bob is a Land Developer in the Greater Northwest.  Born and raised in Oregon, his hunting career originated  over 20 years ago.   His Western Big Game hunts have included High Country Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, Coastal Black Tail, Black Bear, Antelope and Northern Whitetail, in addition to several species in Africa and South America.

One of his greatest hunting experiences was hunting on horseback in Wyoming’s backcountry with the end result being a 725 yard kill on a trophy High Country Mule Deer.

Among his long range hunting accomplishments are a confirmed 1,125 yard kill on an antelope, a 1,076 yd kill on a Rocky Mountain Elk, and an 885 yard kill on a Black Bear. Bob is currently the Host of Extreme Outer Limits TV on Sportsman Channel.