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Brian Bergmann

Illinois Whitetail Deer Outfitter and Watlington Outdoors Pro-Staff Member

As a young boy growing up in central Illinois, Brian Bergmann started hunting o his family’s farm and the surrounding area. He started hunting small game and waterfowl with his dad and grandpa. At this time whatever was in season, he was after. Also, deer were scarce and just seeing one was a big deal. He also read every outdoor magazine he could get his hands on reading it cover to cover several times, dreaming of the day he would hunt big-game throughout North America. There is a burning passion for hunting that consumed him at an early age and still burns white hot today.


When Brian was in his teens, the late 1970s’, the whitetail population exploded, in his area. This was when he got his first bow and found bow hunting for deer to be his true addiction. He also started turkey hunting at this time and enjoys it almost as much as deer hunting. This was at the time when he got his drivers license, being able to expand his hunting area, instead of only hunting around the house.

During the 1980s’ he started to hunt mature bucks only, and this was with no help from an elder. Every outing was a learning experience matching wits with a big old buck. By the end of the 2007 season he has taken 17 Pope & Young whitetails with no looking back. He learned that Patience and Persistence creates success. Spending 400-500 hours a year in a tree stand tells you how much he is consumed with bow hunting.

With his drive and determination for bow hunting, Brian was excited for the opportunity to get into the outfitting business, in partnership with one of his best friends, Steve Phelps, who both run Illinois Trophy Bow Hunter Inc. Since working in the outfitting business for 10+ years, he still gets just as excited helping someone harvest a big buck as if he got it himself. It is a year around job for him, and he enjoys every minute.

Brian also hunts other big-game and has harvested elk mule deer and antelope in Wyoming, black bear in Maine, Alberta and Manitoba, and turkey in numerous states.

Living in Springfield, Illlinois, he has a great family with his pretty wife Jan and 3 boys Kyle 17, Blake 14 and Mitch 11. These boys are gonna be hunters with the opportunities they get. Without his wife Jan’s’ support he could not do what he does today.