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Alaskan Brown Bear Hunting:

No other big game animal in North America commands as much respect or admiration as the Alaskan Brown Bear. They are North America’s top predator and truly and awesome trophy. These big brown bears are found on Kodiak and Afognak islands, the Alaskan Peninsula and eastward along the Coast of Alaska. Their smaller cousin, the Grizzly Bear, are found in the remaining “interior” parts of the state. These coastal brown bears den up for a shorter period of time then the interior grizzly bears. They enjoy a protean rich diet that includes salmon, grasses, berries, moose, caribou and other game, depending on their location. Because of this diet, the coastal brown bear is significantly larger than the interior grizzly bear. There are four different geographical regions that you can hunt the Alaskan Brown Bear. They are, Southeast Alaska, Southwest Alaska, The Alaskan Peninsula (including Kodiak and Afognak Islands) and unit 13.

Southeast Alaska

The southeastern part of Alaska includes the Alaskan islands of Admiralty, Baranof, and Chichagof in the northern part of the Alexander Archipelago. These Islands are also known as The ABC Islands. The islands are known for their wilderness and wildlife. This area is usually hunted in the spring, using small watercraft to cruise the many miles of shoreline glassing for feeding bears. The ABC Islands are very well known for an extremely high density of brown bears. In fact, Admiralty island has one of the highest densities of brown bears in the world! The average mature boar from this area will square 8-9 feet and many will have a dark chocolate hide which is unique to the ABC Islands. During the spring, the brown bear emerge from their dens and head down to the shorelines to feed on sedge grass and do some scavenging along the waters edge. Using small boats, the hunter and their guide will cruise the shore line searching for big boars. Hunters should expect to see dozens of bears during the hunt. Once a big boar is spotted, the guide will beach the boat down wind of the bear and the stalk will begin. Hunting brown bear in southeast Alaska is a one of a kind experience.

Southwest Alaska

This next brown bear area is located in southwest Alaska, in the area between Dillingham and the coastline east of the Togiak river, along the Bering Sea, and north for about 100 miles or so. This is a very popular fall brown bear hunting area. Because of the close proximity of the Alaskan Peninsula, and the tremendous salmon runs up these rivers each fall, this is a top brown bear producing area. Average mature bears harvested here will square between 8 1/2 and 9 1/2 feet and near Togiak 10 foot plus bears are possible! Your best odds for success are during September and October when the bears are congregated along salmon streams and sometimes on hillsides feeding on berries. This hunt can be physically demanding at times. Hunters can expect to use jet boats to travel up and down rivers in search of feeding areas, specifically salmon spawning beds or berry patches. A lot of time is spent glassing these areas from higher grounds and once a good bear is spotted, a stalk is planned. Southwest Alaska offers an incredible brown bear hunting adventure.

Alaskan Peninsula and Kodiak Island

For the largest brown bears in the world, the Alaskan Peninsula and Kodiak Island are the place to go! These areas are Alaska’s premier giant brown bear destinations. The bears that inhabit these areas are generally larger than the brown bears found in other parts of Alaska. Their skulls are larger and their bodies are bigger as well. The bears on kodiak island will average 9 feet square or larger and the brown bears on the Alaskan Peninsula will average closer to 9 1/2 feet square. Both locations are extremely remote and will require more planning by both the hunters and the outfitters, consequently these hunts cost more, but the reward is a chance of Alaska’s biggest browns!

Unit 13

Last but not least is Unit 13. This region of Alaska has such a high density of coastal brown bears that their increased predation on moose and caribou has caused the state game officials to close the unit to non resident hunting for moose and caribou! Conversely, the state has opened the hunting season year round for brown bear which allows hunting for these bears while they are congregated along the salmon streams in July. Hunting conditions in unit 13 are similar to those found in southwest Alaska. hunters can expect to watch salmon streams loaded with bears. The dense cover makes spot and stalk hunts difficult so often times guides will set up ambushes on feeding bears. Patience is the key on this hunt, but the bears are plentiful and success rates are high. These salmon streams provide close range shooting opportunities for brown bears and the ability to hunt Unit 13 during the summer months insures loads of salmon and therefore lots of opportunities. This is a great option for the bow hunter who need to get close and personal to make the shot!

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