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Blacktail deer are smaller than mule deer and slightly darker in color. They have a small rump patch and a tail that is mostly brown or black. Blacktail deer occur along the entire coast of British Columbia, west of the summit of the Coast and Cascade Mountain ranges and on most coastal islands.

Visible difference between the columbia blacktail and sitka blacktail deer are slight. Sitka blacktail deer are slightly smaller and darker and are only found on the Queen Charlotte Islands, other islands in the Hecate Strait and along the coast of northern Vancouver Island. Columbia blacktail deer are found on Vancouver Island and along the coastal territory from the International Boundary to Rivers Inlet.

Grass and forb form most of a deer’s diet in summer, while key winter foods include shrubs and foliage from Douglas fir trees.  A blacktail deer’s weight will vary from 88 to 150 lbs (40 – 68 kg).

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