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D501 - West Texas Whitetail Deer Hunt

For the hunter looking for West Texas Whitetail Deer Hunts we have an awesome West Texas Whitetail Deer Outfitter.

Hunting West Texas Whitetail Deer can be very exciting and an awesome hunting trip to experience. You want to make sure you pick a reputable West Texas Whitetail Deer Outfitter for your trip. We have researched this Whitetail Deer Outfitter in West Texas for you and give them our full endorsement for West Texas Whitetail Deer Hunts.

At Watlington Outdoors, we have done the research for you and in most cases personally hunted with the outfitters we represent. We would not recommend a trip or outfitter that we wouldn’t feel comfortable going with ourselves! Best of all, this advice to you is FREE!

D501 – West Texas Deer Hunt Details:

This Texas Ranch encompasses more than 25,000 acres of rolling limestone hills in central Terrell County. The owner purchased the property in early 1999 and started a deer outfitting business just a few years ago.

In addition to Whitetail Deer, the ranch also supports healthy populations of scaled quail, Rio Grande turkeys, javelina, an increasing mule deer herd, and a diversity of non game species. This ranch operates under the guidance of a TPWD-approved wildlife management plan and is participating in the Managed Lands Deer Permit program.

In addition to quality bucks hunts, they host “management buck” hunts to improve antler quality. Detailed harvest records are maintained on each deer to monitor nutrition and age structure. Several spotlight surveys are conducted each fall, and helicopter surveys are conducted occasionally to correlate with data collected on spotlight counts.

Few management practices are more important in West Texas than adequate water distribution. Six water wells, 30 miles of pipeline, and 50 water troughs are continually maintained to provide water for wildlife. The Ranch is in the process of expanding the water system to the few areas of the ranch in need of additional water. In addition to water, the ranch also supplies supplemental feed to its every improving deer heard. Over 30 deer feeders and protein stations are distributed around the ranch.

When hunting this Ranch, hunters will have the opportunity to spot and stalk deer from the many hillsides that are excellent for glassing. In addition, permanate blinds have been set up within shooting distance of some of the feeding areas. While a strict deer management plan is in place on this Ranch, you will see no high fences. ALL of our deer are 100% wild giving you a completely fair chase experience. Come and experience the beauty and warm hospitality of a West Texas Deer Hunt!

Prices & Packages
3-1/2 day White Tail Doe Hunt 4 WT Does $500.00
3-1/2 day Turkey Hunt 2 Rio Grande Turkeys $800.00
3-1/2 day White Tail Mananagement Buck Hunt 1 WT Mgmt Buck + 4 WT Does $1,700.00
3-1/2 day White Tail Trophy Buck Hunt 1 WT Mature Buck + 1 WT Mgmt Buck + 4 WT Does + 1 Javelina $3,500.00
4-1/2 day Mule Deer Buck Hunt 1 MD Mature Buck + 1 WT Mgmt Buck + 4 WT Does + 1 Javelina $4,500.00



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