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For the hunter looking for Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts we have awesome Rocky Mountain Elk Outfitters for you to take a look at.

Hunting Rocky Mountain Elk can be very exciting and an awesome hunting trip to experience. You want to make sure you pick a reputable Rocky Mountain Elk Outfitter for your trip. We have researched these Rocky Mountain Elk Outfitters for you and give them our full endorsement for Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting.

At Watlington Outdoors, we have done the research for you and in most cases personally hunted with the outfitters we represent. We would not recommend a trip or outfitter that we wouldn't feel comfortable going with ourselves! Best of all, this advice to you is FREE!

The most widespread species is the Rocky Mountain Elk or what many now call the American Elk.The American Elk live west of the Mississippi River. A bull American elk can weigh 800 pounds or more while a cow typically weighs 450 to 500 pounds. The largest herd of American elk lives in Colorado. That herd has over 300,000 animals in it. Western elk hunting is also popular in New Mexico, Arizona, and Idaho.

American Elk were once found over most of the United States and southern Canada, but elk hunters have killed so many of them that they survive only in regions west of the Rocky Mountains. The largest herds live in Yellowstone Park, on Montana’s Sun River, and in Washington’s Olympic Mountains. They are also plentiful on most mountain ranges in Utah. American elk have also been transplanted to states east of the Mississippi River, including Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. These states have small elk herds and allow elk hunting on a limited basis.

Whether it’s your first Elk Hunt, or a Trophy Elk Hunt we have outfitters that offer all kinds of packages. Our Elk hunting outfitters offer drop camp elk hunts, wilderness elk hunts,  archery elk hunts, rifle elk hunts, muzzle loader elk hunts…the list goes on.

Regardless of your elk hunting requirements, we will pair you up with the right outfitter and help you with any elk tag applications.

  • Colorado Elk Hunt

  • Idaho Elk & Mule Deer Combo Hunt

  • E104

    Montana Elk Hunt

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  • 5 Star Colorado Elk Hunt

    5 Star - Luxury Resort, Fair Chase AND Guaranteed Park Hunts
  • New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunt

    Private Landowner Tags avaiable New Mexico Unit 12 and Unit 13, Call for details!
  • E107

    Utah Elk Hunt

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  • Wyoming Elk Hunt

  • E109

    Arizona Trophy Elk Hunts

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  • Nebraska High Fence Elk & Mule Deer Hunt