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The Shiras Moose also known as Wyoming moose is the smallest of North America’s moose however it is still quite large. The Shiras moose are found in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, British Columbia, and in isolated areas of Utah, Colorado, and Washington.

The Shiras Bull Moose has smaller antlers than the Canada moose. Its body color is a rusty-brown to black with pale-brownish saddle and its legs are gray to white. The Shiras cow moose are slightly smaller than the male and does not have antlers. The bulls can grow to seven feet tall at the shoulder and can reach10 feet in length. Mature Shiras Moose weigh 600 to 1400 pounds. The cow moose weigh between 500 and 1200 pounds. Bull moose have antlers that can span five feet and weigh up to 50 pounds.

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