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M503 - Deluxe Yukon Moose Hunt by JetBoat

For the hunter looking for Jetboat Yukon Moose Hunts we have an awesome Jetboat Yukon Moose Outfitter.

Hunting Jetboat Yukon Moose can be very exciting and an awesome hunting trip to experience. You want to make sure you pick a reputable Jetboat Yukon Moose Outfitter for your trip. We have researched this Moose Outfitter in Jetboat Yukon for you and give them our full endorsement for Jetboat Yukon Moose Hunts.

At Watlington Outdoors, we have done the research for you and in most cases personally hunted with the outfitters we represent. We would not recommend a trip or outfitter that we wouldn’t feel comfortable going with ourselves! Best of all, this advice to you is FREE!

M103 – Jetboat – Canoe Yukon Moose Hunt Details:

This Outfitter is known throughout the world for the excellent Alaska-Yukon Moose that they harvest annually. They have over 8000 sq. miles that they distribute the harvest throughout, giving hunters areas to hunt that have either never been hunted, or were not hunted for several years. They have so many remote lakes and rivers, that they have not touched 60% of their vast area. There are many different ways to hunt moose, as they are common along rivers, lakes and also high in the alpine.

We have different ways to hunt the numerous rivers in our area. We may fly you into a lake and the guide and you drift down the outflowing river in a canoe, hunting unitl you reach a basecamp with your harvested trophies. Or you go up river in the morning and drift slowly, quietly down river in the afternoon and late evenings. Always calling as you go, this is a relaxing way to hunt the big bulls that come to the river in fall. This is also a good way to harvest a grizzly and a wolf on your moose hunt, as the carnivores are traveling the river frequently. We hunt on the rivers on all hunt dates in September.

In 2006 this hunt was customized to the needs of a well-known and established group of North-American hunters. Their excellent experiences convinced us to offer this type of hunt to everyone: Everyday Hunter(s) will be on the river w/jetboat and drift back every night to main camp ( = cabins). (Other arrangements possible). Or hunter(s) drift from main camp downriver w/canoes to another main camp and jetboat picks them up, brings them back. Whole area is untouched wilderness with no hunting pressure at all. High chances on Moose, Caribou, Grizzly, Blackbear, Wolf and Wolverine !

Moose start to get active at the end of August. During September 3-12, when the big bulls are shed out of velvet, the first 10-day fall hunt takes place. The bulls are seeking out cows to start herding them into an area where they can keep their ‘eye on the ladies’. Although there is sometimes good pre-rut action at this time (when the days are still ‘long’) it is common to see full rut activity as early as August 30. This is also the hunt when the weather is relatively warm, and there are beautiful fall colors.

Our next hunt date is September 14-23. This always seems to start out quiet, as the bulls are moving towards full rut mode. The days are getting noticeably shorter now, and the weather gives way to freezing at night. You can spot moose easier because the leaves are falling off all the different willow, alder, aspen and poplar. As usual during their rut, moose bulls are susceptible to cow calls over long distances.

During our last hunt date September 25 – October 4 the weather might turn colder in the high country. Patterns turn towards the look of winter, and snow could replace rain showers. Daylight hours are diminishing, and the rut is not only in high gear, but the second estrous of the cows brings the big bull out of hiding. Bulls are still coming to cow calls, but the bull calls challenge as well. The cooler weather can contribute to an increasing rutting action during these short days.

Prices & Packages

We offer all our fall hunts as multiple species hunts. Whether your priority is moose, caribou, sheep or grizzly, we can offer a hunt that works for your schedule. All fall hunt dates are listed below. The PACKAGE price includes: 8 day hunt incl. all meals; **Aircharter to and from camp (1 day before and 1 day after the hunt), Hunting License, Tags, HPF (=Hunter Preservation Fee), GST., Wolf !!!

All animals (except wolf) are available on a plus-trophy-fee-base (trophy fees are listed below). We average more than one animal per hunter, so it’s a good chance that you’ll take more than your intended species. Wolves and wolverines are taken on many falls hunts. We also customize your hunt combination!

8-DAY HORSEBACK COMBO Package : $ 15,500 (incl. **Aircharter,Hunt.-License, Tags, GST.,Wolf) September 8-15 September 17-24 September 26-October 3

8-DAY REMOTE Lake COMBO Package: $ 13,955 (incl. **Aircharter,Hunt.-License, Tags, GST., Wolf) September 11-18 September 20-27 September 29-October 6

8-DAY JETBOAT COMBO Package : $ 14,980 (incl. **Aircharter,Hunt.-License, Tags, GST., Wolf) September 11-18 September 20-27 September 29-October 6

8-DAY QUAD COMBO Package: $ 14,980 (incl. **Aircharter,Hunt.-License, Tags, GST., Wolf) September 11-18 September 20-27 September 29-October 6

ADD YOUR TROPHY FEES TO THE PACKAGE PRICE . THEY ARE COLLECTED AFTER THE HUNT. Trophy Fees: *Trophy Fees Collected on Wounded Game* Moose: $ 3800 Mtn. Caribou: $ 3000 Grizzly: $ 6900 Wolverine: $ 700 Black Bear: $ 1600 Wolf: incl. + 5% GST. Package Price includes your **Aircharter, Yukon Hunting License, Tags, HPF (= Hunter Preservation Fee), GST., Wolf. Dates listed are hunting days! **Aircharter included is defined: In and out of camp one day before and one day after the hunt. Non-scheduled flights cost extra. Non-hunters Horseback/Quad/Jetboat/Remote Lake $500/day. Canadian Federal Tax (GST) = 5% . **Air Charter cost is subject to change depending on Fuel prices.

Pricing reflects approximate base package costs and should not be assumed to be all-inclusive. FOR SPECIFIC PRICING, BROCHURES, AVAILABILITY AND RELATED INFORMATION, CLICK HERE

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