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O102 - Africa - Eastern Cape Plains Game

For the hunter looking for Africa - Eastern Cape Plains Game Hunts we have an awesome Africa - Eastern Cape Plains Game Outfitter.

Hunting Africa - Eastern Cape Plains Game can be very exciting and an awesome hunting trip to experience. You want to make sure you pick a reputable Africa - Eastern Cape Plains Game Outfitter for your trip. We have researched this Plains Game Outfitter in Africa - Eastern Cape for you and give them our full endorsement for Africa - Eastern Cape Plains Game Hunts.

At Watlington Outdoors, we have done the research for you and in most cases personally hunted with the outfitters we represent. We would not recommend a trip or outfitter that we wouldn’t feel comfortable going with ourselves! Best of all, this advice to you is FREE!

This is my favorite way to hunt Plains Game in Africa. We will consult with you about the animals you would like to hunt and then custom tailor a package for you. You will stay in one of our luxury lodges in the beautiful Eastern Cape region of South Africa. A member of our team will great you at the East London airport, where you will then take a scenic ride out into the countryside to our remote modern lodge. There, you will enjoy 4 star accommodations with daily housekeeping, laundry service, and gourmet meals.

Your day will start early in the morning with a light breakfast along with your PH and other hunters in camp. After breakfast the hunt begins, where you will travel in Safari vehicles looking for game. Once game is spotted, the hunt is on and you, along with your PH and tracker will formulate a plan and stalk your quarry. When your stalk is over, our team of trackers and skinners will recover and care for your trophy while you go after the next one.

Evenings start out with appetizers and cocktails at the main lodge,  followed by a gourmet meal and delicious home made deserts. Enjoy the outdoor fire pit after dinner to share the details of the days hunt and prepare for what tomorrow will bring.

This is truly a awesome way to experience a Plains Game Safari!

Pricing & Packages

Al La Carte Daily Safari Rates (plus Trophy Fees):

Base 1×1 US$ 400.00 /hunter
Base 2×1 US$ 350.00 /hunter
No hunter, or first night US$ 180.00 /person

Example of cost for a 6 hunting day / 7 night week, base 1×1: US$ 2,580.00

Please note: Depending on requested species, we also conduct hunts in other provinces such as Kwazulu / Natal for BIG GAME as well as Suni and Red Duiker. Quote on request.


- SOUTH AFRICA / All provinces -Trophy List 2011 – in US$
Addax On request Lechwe, red * 2,900.00
Baboon 180.00 Leopard On request
Blesbuck, common 395.00 Lion On request
Blesbuck, white 610.00 Nyala 2,250.00
Blesbuck, yellow 1755.00 Oribi 2,550.00
Blesbuck, copper 3650.00 Oryx, gemsbok 1,350.00
Bontebok 1,450.00 Oryx, scimitar horned * 3,250.00
Buffalo, cape On request Reedbuck, common 1,250.00
Bushbuck, cape 560.00 Reedbuck, mountain 550.00
Bushpig 720.00 Rhebuck, grey (Vaal) 1,500.00
Caracal, lynx 895.00 Sheep, Barbary 2,600.00
Cats, small On request Springbok, black 500.00
Crocodile On request Springbok, common 330.00
Deer, fallow 595.00 Springbok, copper * 2,850.00
Duiker, blue * 1,090.00 Springbok, Kalahari 560.00
Duiker, common 330.00 Springbok, white 1,610.00
Duiker, red 1,700.00 Steenbok 360.00
Eland, cape 2,590.00 Suni * 2,650.00
Elephant On request Tahr On request
Grysbok, cape * 1,080.00 Warthog 450.00
Hartebeest, red 990.00 Waterbuck 2,500.00
Hippopotamus On request Wildebeest, black 990.00
Impala, southern 395.00 Wildebeest, blue 990.00
Klipspringer * 1,450.00 Zebra, Burchell 1,450.00
Kudu, Cape 1,250.00 Zebra, cape mountain * 4,050.00
Kudu, Southern Greater 1,550.00 Zebra, Hartmann * 3,250.00

* LIMITED QUOTA: advance reservation required

Our prices include:

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Conditions of sale:

Weather and best Season:

The Eastern Cape has a subtropical climate with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 33°C (68 to 91° F) in summer (December through February) and in winter (June through August) from around – 6°C to 23°C (21 to 73°F).

Best time to hunt is from March to November.

Pricing reflects approximate base package costs and should not be assumed to be all-inclusive. FOR SPECIFIC PRICING, BROCHURES, AVAILABILITY AND RELATED INFORMATION, CLICK HERE

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